The most exclusive and sought after golf courses in the world

There are municipal golf courses and those where anyone off the street can walk onto and play a few rounds, and then there's the Crème De La Crème of golf courses. These are the spots where a person's golf pedigree is no guarantee of membership and the rules are nothing like most players are used to. It's not cheap to play there, nor is it easy to get in. Here are five of the world's most exclusive golf courses.

Augusta National Golf Club

This is where old money and southern society come to do lunch and play a few rounds in Georgia. Apparently, if you want in to this club you've got to have the cash, connections, and be nonchalant about your desire to play there. Bill Gates was barred from membership in Augusta National Golf Club for years simply for publicly saying that he wanted to become a member. If you want somewhere that you can play without having to be a well-moneyed person or celeb, check out All Slots Casino.

Seminole Golf Club

Any golf club that turns down a legend like Jack Nicklaus is taking it a step beyond being exclusive, but that's exactly what Florida's Seminole Golf Club did. Funny enough, Ben Hogan once advised young pro golfers to try to play on this course for practice if they could get in. Though it may be excellent preparation for playing other courses, it's not as if many young pros or anyone else can just waltz onto this green.

Cypress Point Club

This Pebble Beach, CA golf course is gorgeous, but it has a surprisingly low number of members. At the end of the year, the club's operating costs are split among all of the members and they have to pay up whether they used the course that year or not. One of the most famous members of Cypress Point Club was Bob Hope, who was part of the club for over 40 years. Unlike Cypress Point, you don't have to worry about paying hefty fees when you play at All Slots Casino — you can even win big prizes that this club wouldn't dare give away.

Muirfield Golf Club

Muirfield Golf Club is Scotland's most exclusive course, and probably one of the hardest in the world just to get in. The folks here don't care if you're a pro golfer, celebrity golfer, big money big shot, international star, or royalty — if you're not in and you're not invited, you can't join or even play there on visitor days. Though you won't get a warm welcome here, Muirfield Golf Club is still a scenic gem.

National Golf Links of America

Of course the Hamptons would have a ritzy golf course that's frequented by the rich and famous, but this one is noted as having an iconic place in American golf. If you're ever able to play at National Golf Links of America, don't skip out on having lunch there — its eatery is known as having one of the best menus of any golf course in the U.S. You can't have lunch at All Slots Casino, but you can have an awesome time playing the virtual slots and card games there.