The latest golf news from around the globe

It pays to be on top of the action in the world of sports, whether it is to keep up with the conversations at the local pub or see what your favorite team is up to.

Being a sports fan is fun and a great way to enjoy your social time. Some exciting sports are changing all the time, especially this past week with the PGA tour on. We’ve got that latest information, here’s what you need to know about the latest golf news.

Webb’s Win

In an unexpected turn of events, the winner of this past weeks Players Championship in Sawgrass, Florida, saw Webb Simpson taking the win by four shots under. The win seemed to surprise everyone, even Webb himself. When Simpson birdied on the 11th hole, this seemed to be the turning point for the direction of the rest of his game. He would come out victorious just seven holes later.

Tigers Shortfall

The worlds eyes are always on Tiger Woods, the former number one world champion began last week at 92nd in the world as a result of the previous year’s continual injuries. As a 14-time champion, he has a high expectation set on him and likely a lot to prove. If you think the odds are in your favor for his next big match, you can place your betolimp online wetten and see if you both walk away winners.

Is Huston Done?

Typically scheduling news is laid out during this week’s tournament, this year however no major news was brought to life. Usually the tournament has SHELL as its major sponsor and it seems they are not on board for the upcoming event. That and the usual venue, the Golf Club of Huston will not be hosting the event. There are a number of details to work out before major announcements can be made. You’ll need to wait like everyone else to see what happens.

The Purse

So what’s everyone walking away with from this event. Well if you work out the math on actual hours played versus actual take home funds, it probably won’t seem as astronomical as the figures look at first glance. However, for the week of golf, it seems like a pretty good pay day. On the lower end of the pay scale, Matt Kuchar and Dustin Johnson cashed cheques for $148,866.66, leaving them with enough pocket money to keep them golfing. Our good friend Tiger Woods walked away with $225,500, probably less than he made just walking around in a pair of Nike a few years ago. Then the major winner of the event, Webb, took home $1,980,000.00. Overall a pretty good payday for the players.

The tide is continually turning in the world of golf and you can never be exactly sure of what the outcomes are going to be. If you think you have a good feeling though, you could turn your chance into a big win with some sports betting at betolimp. A great way to try your luck at online betting.