The ten golf balls that fly longest in robot testing


The longest balls available to golfers commercially have been revealed in new research.

Ball Lab from MyGolfSpy has narrowed down the ten longest-flying balls available on the market right now.

In all 46 golf ball models were put to the test by the equipment review specialists.


The well-reviewed LA GOLF BALL from LA GOLF comes in tenth on balls that flew the farthest in the robot testing with a driver.

LA GOLF have hoped to challenge the best in the premium ball game and they are getting a lot closer than they have been given credit for.

9 Vice Pro Zero

Vice have set out to make a ball for everyone in the form of the Pro Zero and it comes in just inside the top ten.

It tied on distance with the LA Golf Ball and considering its measures to drive down the price that could be seen as an achievement.

8 PXG Xtreme

PXG Xtreme Premium Golf Balls provide long distance, quick green-grabbing control and a sleek new alignment assist to help you sink more putts.

PXG Xtreme Golf Balls perform similarly to the finest available balls in third-party testing.

7 Bridgestone Tour B X

Bridgestone Tour B X balls have matched the OPXG Xtreme for distance and tout their REACTIV iQ tech as a gamechanger

REACTIV iQ is a smart cover technology that reacts to the force of impact and rebounds quickly on tee shots, delivering explosive velocity and increased distance.

6 Callaway Chrome Soft X

The Chrome Soft X Ball is faster off the driver with a spin profile that has been optimized for Tour pros and better players.

However, Callaway still tout the Soft X as ‘better for everyone, from amateurs to major winners’.

5 Srixon Z-Star Diamond

The Srixon Z-Star Diamond has new propriety technology called FastLayer DG Cores.

These layered cores are soft at the center and get firmer from the inside out. According to Srixon, the contrasting compression helps them rebound quicker off the face for greater distance while still providing exceptional feel.

4 Vice Pro Plus

This ball is recommended for advanced players with high swing speeds (110+ mph driver swing speed) and big hitters looking for a tour-level ball for their par 5 pin seekers.

It features a size-increased High Energy Speed Core (HESC) for higher ball speed and has done very well in testing.

3 Mizuno RB Tour X

With an AXIALFLOW dimple that creates a high launch from the driver the Mizuno RB Tour X ball feels sensationally soft at impact.

The new Urethane RB Tour cover was tested for over three years to ensure its durability is satisfying for professionals and amateurs alike.

2 Titleist Pro V1x

Pro V1x balls are marketed as the optimal premium performance choice for players looking for maximum distance, while also needing higher flight and more stopping power.

The Pro V1x is recommended for players with launch conditions that are naturally low in height and low in spin.

1 Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash

Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash golf balls are designed for players chasing high flight with dramatically lower full-swing spin and a firmer feel.

This ball flew significantly further in the robot testing on high swing speeds.