Mastering the tempo, rhythm and timing of your swing is one of the hardest fundamentals to learn in golf. But a South African company has taken away all the guesswork with a new training product called the Swingclick.

Swingclick is a device that straps to a golfer’s forearm. The training device makes a clicking sound at three vital points: the top of the backswing, at impact, and on the follow-through.

A common misconception is that the harder you swing your club, the further your ball will travel. Swingclick’s precision-engineered design proves that if you swing more slowly, the club has more time to generate club head speed, allowing the ball to go further. Swingclick improves your accuracy, balance and consistency.

“Getting the feel for timing and tempo and learning to hit the sweet spot is challenging for all golfers” said Mike Quinn, Managing Director of Swingclick. “Just like a metronome in music, Swingclick, with its three click design, helps train your brain with good rhythm and timing producing a more consistent swing.”

Here’s how it works. When you begin your takeaway, Swingclick clicks when you are in the correct position at the top of the backswing. As you transition into your downswing, a second click occurs at impact when striking the ball. If you hear the click before impact, you are swinging too fast. The device will click a third time once you have completed your swing correctly ensuring a solid follow- through in a balanced position.

“Instead of hitting the ball with all your strength, you learn to swing the club,” said Quinn, who played on the South African Tour for 10 years before becoming a renowned teaching professional. “Although there are many theories when it comes to swinging a golf club, i.e. one-plane, two-plane stack and tilt, or square-to-square, having a good swing tempo is the single thread which runs through all golf swing theories. Swingclick will train your brain on the proper tempo with any swing method.”

After practicing with Swingclick, you will notice your rhythm will become more intuitive and consistent and your brain will automatically wait for the click. Swingclick will become your favorite accessory. The product straps easily on your forearm and stores conveniently in an accessory pocket.

It’s a “no brainer” golf trainer that will dramatically improve your game quickly and with lasting results.

“Our feedback from golfers is that they are swinging the club instead of hitting the ball,” Quinn said. “They have also discovered that their balance has improved tremendously yielding less stress on their bodies because they are striking the ball correctly which allows them to practice more effectively and see faster and lasting results.”

Swingclick was a featured new product at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. It is available for purchase at Amazon.com and at swingclickgolf.com. The retail price is $29.99. For more information, go to swingclickgolf.com.