Swing Catalyst

Ryder Cup hero Justin Rose is the latest Tour star to use a 3D Motion Plate system, from Swing Catalyst, in his training regime.

His coach, Sean Foley, is a big advocate of the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate and has one at his home in Orlando. And now Rose – the current world number six – has had one installed at his home in the Bahamas.

The duo first tested the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate at the Wells Fargo Championship, in May, and, soon after, decided to purchase systems for themselves.

Rose, who secured four points for Europe as they won the biennial event at Gleneagles last weekend, explained: “In my quest to be the best player I can be, Swing Catalyst helps me ensure no stone is left unturned and provides me with the confidence that I am always working on sound principles.”

And Foley added: “Appreciating the importance of ground forces in the development of an effective golf swing, the Swing Catalyst system is unique in that it allows me to examine weight-shift patterns and balance – information that I couldn’t ascertain if I were to rely on video alone.

“Having the ability to use this technology in combination with TrackMan provides me with an unparalleled tool for the development of an efficient golf swing. Simply put, I am able to separate fact from opinion.”

Swing Catalyst is the market-leading expert in the new, rapidly emerging, area of balance and pressure analysis. Its Balance Plate adds an important new dimension to golf instruction. Consisting of more than 2,000 high-resolution pressure sensors, it provides a range of critical data including detailed foot pressure analysis, accurate pressure distribution, real-time centre of pressure (CoP) mapping, and CoP patterns, none of which can be seen by the best-trained eye or even the highest-speed cameras.

For those wanting to take their understanding and analysis even further, the 3D Motion Plate is the company’s flagship technology, already being used by many of the best coaches in the world. The 3D motion plate provides all of the balance-plate data as well as horizontal and vertical force measurements, giving complete analysis of torque and ground forces generated during the golf swing.

As well as leading the way with balance plate technology and CoP understanding, Swing Catalyst is also redefining the standards of video analysis systems. Its latest studio software is unique, in that it integrates all the major analysis technologies within the same piece of tuition software. So for the first time you can see, review, and save a student’s swing, launch monitor data, and balance plate data in a single video.

Swing Catalyst’s technology range can be integrated into any indoor swing studio, golf simulator or used on the practice range. Its state-of-the-art video analysis software is an ideal upgrade to existing studios or swing rooms, making use of the installed cameras whenever possible.

Once installed, the full potential of its integrated systems can be unleashed, with real-time video, CoP and balance data, as well as launch-monitor numbers, all combined into one unique, beautifully designed software platform.

Foley is just one of a number of world-renowned PGA Tour coaches who regularly use golf-swing analysis tools from Swing Catalyst to ensure their players receive precise and detailed feedback on their golf swings. Several other world-renowned coaches have installed the 3D Motion Plate at their academies over the last couple of months, including Matt Killen, Scott Hamilton, Kevin Weeks, Bernie Najar, Chris Como, Grant Waite and Andrew Rice.

A spokesman for Swing Catalyst in the UK said: “It is exciting to see how many of the top coaches and players are now adding the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate to their repertoire.

“It seems like many of the top coaches agree with us in that ground forces are of great importance to the golf swing. And when it comes to ground forces, the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate reveals secrets that cannot be detected by the best trained eye or even the most advanced video cameras.

“And the great thing about this technology is that it can be seamlessly integrated with all the major launch monitors on the market.”