Spieth remains mum on money

Jordan Spieth played it cool when he was asked about what he was going to do with all his new-found riches.

The American sensation won The Tour Championship on Sunday, netting a cool $1.4 million and with it the prestigious FedEx Cup, which pocketed him another $10 million.

When added to his win tally for the season – which included back-to-back majors at The Masters and the US Open – the Texan has roped in over $22 million so far in 2015, surpassing Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh for the most money won in a season.

However, it doesn’t seem like Spieth is going on a spending spree anytime soon. 

"I can maybe remember back to getting like a Razor scooter or something like that," the 22-year-old told ESPN. 

"Those things. Yeah. I can't really remember as far as going that far back, but yeah I could probably get a few Razor scooters now."

The six-time PGA Tour winner added that his agent, Jay Danzi, will probably not support the idea, as he could get injured. 

"Danzi will probably tell me not to get on one because I'll probably hurt myself," quipped Spieth.

"But I think, if I remember right, they were like a little over a hundred dollars or something. And I think it was trying to save up, countdown to Christmas to get some, you know, 20 dollars, 40 dollars here, and be able to buy a scooter."

The Spieth's thrifty ways were confirmed by his mother Chris, who revealed that he likes to keep his family and friends happy by spoiling them.

"He doesn't go out and make big purchases," said Mrs Speith. 

"He's generous with his family, he's definitely generous with his friends, but he really doesn't spend it. He started a foundation and I guarantee you some of this money is going to go into that."