Spieth: I love the adrenaline rush

Golf isn't exactly considered an adrenaline sport, but don't tell new world number one Jordan Spieth that.

The 21-year-old admits that standing over a clutch shot at the highest level or having to compete down the stretch in the final round is more than enough to get his blood pumping.

“I like the thrill of it,” he said on Monday while comparing his profession to basketball. 

“In other sports in clutch situations … say you need three to win, you're down by two. You know the ball is going to be inbounded for a three-pointer. Your blood starts running. You get nervous. You get that adrenaline. But it's fast reaction.

“For golf, when that comes up, that exhilarating factor, you have to learn how to control that for an extended period of time because it's there two hours with you. It's that whole back nine on Sunday,” he said.

“I'd be somebody who would go jump out of an airplane because it would get your heart rate running. For me the fact that you can keep feeling that and learn how to control that aspect and use it to your advantage, that's something I didn't find in any other sport."