Scotty unveils new putter

Titleist this week have announced that they have launched an Adam Scott-endorsed new Scotty Cameron flat-stick, the Futura X Mallet putter.

The Scotty Cameron by Titleist Futura X, which Scott helped perfect and then used to win his first major title at the Masters in April, has, in the technical terms used by its manufacturer, a high MOI modern mallet head with advanced perimeter weighting that provides exceptional stability and forgiveness along with a solid feel.

It will go on sale on August 1 at a suggested retail price of £279.

Scott, who has carried Cameron putters in his bag for more than a decade, calls the new Futura X “the most stable putter I have ever played with.”

Precision milled and crafted from high grade 6061 aluminum, the Futura X design combines a rear balance bar with deep heel-toe weights plus perimeter weighting under the face.

The resulting deep CG provides stability throughout the stroke, while the perimeter weighting adds forgiveness leading to unmatched stability and a great roll.

In less technical terms, Cameron, whose putters have ranked No 1 on the US PGA Tour since 1997, says of the his latest club: “I like to describe Futura X as a lethargic putter, for those golfers that need a slow, steady stroke that doesn’t jump around a lot.

“It’s the perfect design for Adam, and will give confidence to all golfers that want stability during the stroke and less hand manipulation.”

In order to provide this stability, the Futura X features four stainless heel-toe weights, two 20g weights on the rear balance bar and two adjustable sole weights in the front corners of the putter under the face.

Not surprising in view of this, the overall head weight of Futura X is 20 grams heavier than a standard Cameron Select putter, but because much of this additional weight is located behind the axis of the shaft and not directly under the users hands, the Futura X, does not feel heavy while it is being stroked.

“Futura X is what I call a ‘force balanced’ design,” Cameron elaborated..

“While the putter has a near-face balanced shaft configuration that would normally produce a slight toe hang, there’s so much weight off the back of the putter that it forces the face to hang flat.

“The rear balance bar allows us to add considerable weight a fairly long distance away from the shaft axis, which is really what drives the high MOI.”