Ryder Cup about more than golf for Finau and family

Tony Finau’s inclusion in the USA Ryder Cup team has a greater meaning than just golfing excellence for he and his family, it’s about a sense of belonging.

Finau is the son of Kelepi, a Tongan immigrant, who moved to the USA in his early twenties and raised a family, alongside his wife, in a rough neighbourhood in Utah.

Finau’s narrative details an incredible journey of a young man exceling at golf in the face of immense financial constraints.

His selection as Jim Furyk’s final pick for the 2018 Ryder Cup is undoubtedly the highlight of his golfing career to date.

However, Finau representing the USA is about far more than just golf.

“For me, it’s almost like we can finally be accepted as an American,” Finau’s father says.

“That’s how huge it is.

“It solidifies that we can establish ourselves as true Americans that fit the principles of what this great country stands for.

“Because anyone in the whole world can come to this country and be successful. It just takes gratitude and hard work. Tony epitomizes the American dream.”