Reed: Tiger’s ‘all-in’

Patrick Reed says it's 'awesome' having Tiger Woods to work with at the Ryder Cup this week.

Woods has been stuck on the sidelines with injury for over an year, so a vice-captaincy role at Hazeltine this week has provided him with a rare chance to get a taste of the action once again – albeit in a limited capacity.

The 14-time major winner has been overseeing a 'pod' of players that includes Reed, and the 26-year-old has been soaking up as much as he can.

"It's awesome being a part of Tiger's pod. You see the credentials he has, all the major wins, the 105 worldwide wins, ultimately one of the best golfers ever to live on the planet," Reed said.

"If you ask him any question or if you need anything, he is there. He's all-in. He'll answer any question, whether it's about golf, on the golf course, off the golf course, anything.

"He's there to genuinely help you and on not just Ryder Cup but other things. It's awesome to see that and be a part of.

"We played nine holes on the first day and I decided I wanted to go see the back nine, so I just walked the back nine backwards. He walked it with me, helping me figure out the golf course.

"You don't get that very often and to have somebody do that for you, especially a guy like Tiger Woods, meant a lot to me.

"The way his mind works on the golf course, it's impressive and it definitely shows why he has won so much and where he is. It was amazing. I learned so much just from that nine holes walking around that I felt like just that alone could save me so many shots throughout my career.

"It's nothing complicated or confusing. It's just actually knowing what to look for, and just the experience and expertise he has in sharing that with me this week has been awesome."