Patrick Reed in “golf mode” ahead of #SentryTOC

Masters Champion Patrick Reed confirmed what all the experts say, when he explained that success at Kapalua hinged heavily on how skillful you were over the weekend.

At first glance – and with good reason – the Plantation Course is one of the easiest in the world of professional golf. However, beating the course is not the goal here. It is all about beating the opponent.

Most scores will be low throughout the week, especially if there is little to no wind. The forecasts ahead of this weekend, suggest wind will not have the impact it has had in the past.

Speaking to journalists ahead of the Sentry Tournament of Champions, Reed said: “I think it just brings out the creativity. Even though the fairways are wide, there are areas you need to put the ball to be able to attack the greens and just because a hole might be 50 yards wide it doesn’t mean you can be on every spot of that fairway to be able to attack the flag.”

Reed is well known for experimentation on the golf course. To a large degree that contributed to his success at Augusta. It is no surprise that Reed has also conquered Kapalua. Safe to say, the Masters champion will be in his element this weekend.

“With how slopey the greens are and how much the wind blows and the sidehill kind of lies that you get, I just feel that it taps into the kind of creativity that you need. Kind of like Augusta, play golf shots rather than golf swings,” said Reed.

He explained that a significant part of his regimen during the off season had centred around developing fundamental elements of his game, in other words just enhancing the swing. He feels that Kapalua now provides him with the ideal opportunity to work on the actual golf, as oppose to just the swing.

Reed told journalists he was now in golf mode.