Reasons to get a Sunday golf bag? We’ve got you covered…

Playing a casual game of nine holes? Practicing your swing at the driving range? Or just looking for something less bulky than your usual golf bag? The answer to these questions is to get yourself a Sunday golf bag.

Here we will explore the top reasons why you should have a Sunday golf bag in your sports arsenal.

Ideal for carrying fewer clubs

Sometimes, it’s not necessary to take along every club that you own each time you play golf. If you want to take a limited number along with you, it seems pointless to carry them in a large bag that is designed for many more. That being said, despite their compact size, a lot of Sunday bags still offer a great deal of space, depending on how much you want or need – weigh up your different options.

With a Sunday golf bag, you can much more easily walk the length of the course, as you aren’t lugging around unnecessary weight. They are designed to be portable and are one of the lightest golf bag options. This also means you’re much less likely to get back or shoulder ache and your pace of play shouldn’t be reduced as you move from one hole to the next.


As mentioned above, Sunday golf bags are much more portable than standard carriers. This means that they are far more travel friendly, as they take up less room and aren’t as heavy. If you’re wanting to go abroad it will be far easier and more affordable to go with this option.

Your Sunday golf bag will also fit nicely into the back of your car if you’re headed on a road trip, or if you just want to store your bag in your trunk for an impromptu round!

Vast amounts of choice

Just like typical golf bags, Sunday golf bags come in different materials, have varied features, and offer a multitude of sizing and colour options. This means that you can find the one that is perfect for you, whether that is a bag with multiple zip pockets, a top grab handle, top padding, or all of the above! Find the one best suited to your needs.

Great for novices

If you’re just starting out in the world of golf, the likelihood is that you don’t have a huge amount of equipment yet. And that’s totally fine! You don’t need to have every gadget and gizmo just yet, as these will come over time as you adjust to the game and figure out what you may want or need.

Therefore, having a Sunday golf bag is more well-suited to you, as you will have a lot less to carry than more seasoned golfers. There’s no point in lugging around more weight than necessary.

As well as this, if you are bringing your kids along to play golf with you, having a smaller bag could be a perfect gift for them, as they will have something to carry around their equipment in and will feel more like a pro.