Norman: Tiger facing pivotal year

Greg Norman believes Tiger Woods is facing a make or break year in his career – and he wouldn’t be surprised to see him decide to call it a day.

The former world number one has been beset by injuries in recent years, leading to a succession of surgeries followed by attempts to work his way back to something more closely resembling his former self. 

However, in an exclusive interview with FOX Sports Australia, Norman says that he has been in the same position in which Woods currently finds himself, and retirement must be on the American’s mind.

“Coming from the experience of having many surgeries myself and trying to comeback to perform at the level you were prior, it’s a mountainous task,” said Normal. “One where your mind wills and tries to force your body to deliver, but cannot.

“Before surgeries, Tiger had honed his proprioception of where his muscles were in his swing — down to the minute degree, creating freedom and trust.

“Now those proprioception’s/feelings are not the same, not repeatable, and his body unwillingly does not trust what his mind wants due the subconscious protecting its machine.

“Within his comments [in a recent interview Woods gave to TIME magazine], he has added the layer of a “bailout” being his kids. And why not?

“He has done much in his short life and has much to do with his kids going forward. If that happens to be the case, I wish him well on the next chapter of his life.

“In January, we will start to see how it all unfolds.”