Mickelson heaps praise on Woods

Phil Mickelson revealed he is grateful for what Tiger Woods did for the game of golf during his prime.

Mickelson was speaking in an interview with Golf Channel when he revealed that golf would arguably not be the same if Woods had not taken the games professionalism to another level.

In the ten years following Woods’ incredible win at the the Masters in 1997, the Californian won 12 more major championships and over 50 tournaments.

“When I came out on tour, in 1992, or when I won the Tucson Open [as an amateur] the purse – the entire purse – and the winner’s check was $180 000. I remember thinking in the mid 90s, ‘I wonder if someday we’ll play for a million dollar first-place check. I don’t know, probably not in my lifetime, but I hope we do.’ And now we do every week, and that’s because of Tiger,” the five-time major winner told host David Feherty.

“I’m so appreciative about what he’s done for the game, but in that, he’s done as much for me or more for me than anybody else. We’re all in this together. We all making our living in golf…we all want to build up the game and build up the product together.”