Meet Chervò’s luxurious AW16 collection

Chervò, the leading Italian luxury golf and leisure apparel company, has taken the different desires, cultures and trends of modern-day society as the inspiration for its new 2016 Autumn-Winter collection.

Making full use of the best materials and innovative processes that the iconic brand is renowned for, the eye-catching, contemporary range delivers high-class performance and maximum comfort in a bold and stylish mix of colours and patterns.

Featuring a 150-strong line of cutting-edge designs, the luxury brand’s AW16 collection is evenly split between men and women and offers a range of high-quality, performance jackets and garments in an array of striking colours.

Chervo’s cutting-edge Aqua-Block, Wind-Lock and Pro-Therm technologies are all present across the AW16 collection, which blends more traditional shades with new hues including deep yellow Balinese, emerald Wasabi, and blue Avio for a dynamic, fashionable look that is at home both on and off the course.

Among the designs featured in the men’s range is Chervo’s latest use of check revival, with a “city” theme being applied to trousers, jackets and even accessories to add an extra touch of glamour to a look.

And the women’s latest line of clothes and jackets includes the introduction of a new pattern inspired by the ancient Venetian tapestries which produces a unique effect, especially on the back.

Chervò co-founder Peter Erlacher said: “When designing a new collection, it’s always a big challenge for my team to understand the needs and trends from the various different cultures (who enjoy our products), who all have their different needs and habits.  This drove us to follow some basic principles.

“The main drivers of the collection were to maintain our focus on selecting the best fabrics, accessories, manufacturing and finishing of our product; preserving the best basic and function sellers; brightening up the line with few trendy and flashy styles and colours; never stopping being curious about what’s going on in the world of design, fashion and contemporary lifestyle but always preserving the heritage of the brand.”

From autumn-winter 2016, all Chervo’s jackets will be made exclusively with the Happy Goose down, with the company’s Aqua-Block technology being applied to result in a 100 per cent down-free waterproof jacket which is not only breathable and ultralight, but is animal friendly with the same qualities and silky softness as down.

True to its desire to continue to explore and push the boundaries in the search for cutting-edge excellence, Chervò’s AW16 collection also features a new collaboration with Second Project after licensing its knitwear range to the Italian company, with a variety of fabrics being featured including cashmere.

A pioneer in introducing new technologies and functions into golf apparel, Chervò’s vision and creative concept guarantees superior technical performance and an unmistakable Italian elegance in all weather conditions – on the course, in the clubhouse and beyond.

The iconic brand is committed to researching fabrics and materials that will provide the wearer maximum comfort, crafting garments capable of withstanding the most adverse weather conditions.