Masters suspended after pine trees fall down amid strong winds at Augusta

Play was suspended during the second round of the 87th Masters on Friday after two pine trees fell near the 17th tee at Augusta National.

Host broadcaster ESPN reported that no spectators had been injured after strong winds brought the trees crashing to the ground.

Eyewitness Megan Hill told the Augusta Chronicle: “I was sitting, looking, waiting for the next group to come up to the tee and it fell maybe eight to 10 chairs to our left.

“I stood up and screamed and thought, ‘Is it going to fall on me? It fell to the left of us and it was so scary. If the wind had been blowing a slightly different direction, we might have got hit.”

Another spectator, Deshey Thomas, added: “Pinecones were hitting us in the back, we turned around and looked up and heard a huge cracking noise and the tree basically crushed 10 chairs that were sitting there.

“Luckily we got everyone out of there. We were blessed.”

An earlier suspension of play had lasted just 21 minutes. A further 54 minutes of play was possible before it was halted and players and spectators evacuated from the course.