Lydia Ko’s game of coaching musical chairs shows no signs of stopping

Ted Oh has become the latest swing coach to receive his marching orders from former World No 1 Lydia Ko.

The New Zealander has developed a bit of a reputation for going through coaches and caddies like most players go through shoes.

Ko has had 11 caddies throughout her career, with each lasting an average of five months.

Her coaches tend to last a bit longer than that, but dropping David Leadbetter for Gary Gilchrist in 2016 saw her results and rankings take a nosedive, and replacing Gilchrist with Oh hasn’t brought about the change in fortunes she was hoping for.

On Wednesday, Ko told writer Randall Mell she had parted ways with Oh.

“We just mutually decided that it was time,” she said.

“We ended on good terms… I have a lot to thank Ted for. He gave me a really solid blueprint simplifying my swing.”

The 22-year-old said she was in no rush to find a replacement.

“I’ve had a couple coaches look at my swing, to get an opinion, but I’m not in a rush to make a decision,” she said.

It was only a few days ago that her former coach Leadbetter took to social media to hit back at claims that Ko’s swing is better than it’s been in years.

He was responding to former LPGA Tour pro Paige Mackenzie, who told Golf Channel she was encouraged by Ko’s progress under Oh’s tutelage.

“Complete ignorance from @Paige_Mackenzie on the @GolfChannel,” wrote Leadbetter, who coached Ko for three years from the end of 2013, during which time she won 12 LPGA titles including two majors.

“Compare Lydia Ko’s results from the past two years with the results from 2014-2016 while we were working together – there’s simply no comparison. How can she say her swing looks better today?

“Surely the results are what count. 12 wins including 2 majors at @EvianChamp and @ANAinspiration, versus 1 win since we parted ways…”

When Leadbetter split with Ko in 2016, he admitted he found it difficult dealing with the overbearing influence of Ko’s parents.

“Lydia is a great young lady, we only wish the best for her. We honestly felt that if the decision was left entirely up to her, that she would still be with us,” he said at the time.