How long do pro golfers take to earn your wage?

Golf fans now have the opportunity to compare their salaries to some of the biggest and best paid names in golf, thanks to a new tool released today.

Created by the internet-only golf retailer,, the Pitch Your Salary Against Pro Golfers widget invites users to input their annual salary and choose their favourite golfer, to see how their annual income compares.

The tool compares:

  • How much you both earn per hour
  • How long it takes each of you to earn each other’s wage
  • What you can both afford with your salaries, from a Volkswagen Golf or special edition Mercedes Maybach, to a luxury golfing Villa in Portugal

It would take the average Brit 1,370 years to make as much money as Rory McIlroy’s 37.6 million annual earnings. And how long would it take him to earn the average £27,000 wage? Just an hour and a half.

While the average employee would be lucky to afford one Volkswagen Golf with their entire annual salary, McIlroy could afford 1,971 of Britain’s most popular car, or 5 special edition Mercedes Maybachs, valued at £8,000,000 each.

As well as McIlroy, the golfers available for comparison include:

  • Inbee Park- £6,004,000
  • Angela Stanford- £6,232,000
  • Catriona Matthew- £6,384,000
  • Jordan Spieth- £23,106,637
  • Tiger Woods- £26,301,320
  • Phil Mickelson- £28,703,397

Elisabeth Neumeier from Online Golf said: “While we all rave about the salaries of footballers, we forget just how well paid our favourite golfers are too. As well as all the prize money, there are some fantastic commercial opportunities out there for professionals. So, kids, next time you’re dreaming about the richest of the Premier League, you might want to look at improving your golf swing instead.”

The tool and more information on golfer’s salaries can be found here.