Las Vegas for the golf? Here’s some of the best experiences you can get in Sin City

Las Vegas PGA Tour Golf

Las Vegas is best known for its brightly lit casino resorts, which house everything from nightclubs to music shows as well as their staple casino games.

Recently, though, many resorts have realised that while there is still plenty of profit to be made from such traditional ventures, there is one other American pastime that comes close to trumping them all, that being golf.

Whether you fancy yourself as the second coming of Tiger Woods or you just want to shave some numbers off that handicap, Las Vegas casino golf resorts offer everything you could possibly want from a luxury trip of a lifetime.

Before you head out on your casino-based golfing trip of a lifetime it will certainly pay off if you get plenty of practice in before you go, so you do not spend your entire holiday in the deepest of bunkers or having to watch on as your friends triumph at the casino tables as you wallow in defeat.

Luckily, the most vital aspects of both pastimes can be easily practiced from home, with many golf putting devices allowing you to hone your game from your living room or office. Meanwhile, for casino players there are no shortage of online casino games to play, either on mobile or your desktop computer, so that by the time you touchdown in Las Vegas you will be ready for anything that the casino halls or the fairways and greens can throw at you.

Mobile casino games are also so versatile these days that there is no need to even leave the course to play them, meaning you can set out on your second round of the day, slay the course record, and clean up at the online tables all at the same time.

Wynn Las Vegas

When it comes to both gaming and golfing in style, not having to travel far to do either is a prime consideration.

That is exactly why the Wynn Las Vegas is so ideally situated, with a golf course whose greens are a short iron shot away from the strip itself.

You won’t believe just how close you are to where you woke up, and after a spot of lunch it takes no time at all to either dash out for another round or partake in a few hands at the green felt tables.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas

If a casino resort has a good enough concierge service then it doesn’t matter whether there is a golf course on its doorstep or not, because the right calls will be made to ensure you find your way onto the best tees in town at a time that suits you.

That is the reputation that Caesars Palace comes with, although it also helps that they own two courses as well.

JW Marriott Las Vegas

For those gamers and golfers who prefer to stay in more tranquil surrounds than the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas strip, the JW Marriott Las Vegas is set back some twenty-five miles from the centre of town, making it an ideal getaway but with plenty of options to head into town if you want to.

However, there really is no desperate need to leave the resort because the world-famous Angel Park Golf Club is a stone’s throw away as is the TPC Las Vegas. The TPC course happens to be the choice of local pros, being run as it is by the PGA Tour, one of the most important tournaments followed by golf fans all around the world and broadcasted by many sports channels. It’s unsurprising that many of the leading regulated sports betting operators in the US also offer a wide variety of wagers on the event. So just imagine sharing the course with a PGA pro, or even with some celebs who live in the area.

Lake Las Vegas Resort

If the JW Marriott sounded more like your cup of tea rather than the boisterousness of central Vegas, then Lake Las Vegas Resort is more of the same.

The course here was designed by non-other than Jack Nicklaus, so you can channel his spirit as you tread the fairways before heading back to dine and game the night away.