Lahiri to perform juggling act

Indian superstar Anirban Lahiri has revealed that PGA Tour appearances are his priority.

Lahiri has admitted that he would give up his European Tour card if it means featuring more on America's PGA circuit. 

However, the 42nd best player in the world is intent on defending his title at the Indian Open in February of 2016. Even if it sees him missing out on the prestigious Arnold Palmer Invitational which takes place in the same week. 

When questioned on the matter Lahiri said: "It's a very difficult situation to be in. Personally speaking, it's been an emotional high for me to win the Indian Open this year. I would like nothing more than to try to defend."

Whilst Lahiri has pledged his alliance to the PGA tour, he will not have to do all that much to hold onto his European Tour membership. European Tour members are required to play a minimum of five European Tour events excluding the four majors as well as the four World Golf Championships.

Lahiri plans on competing at the EurAsia Cup, the Olympics and the Indian Open. He would then only need to feature in two other European Tour events to remain a member for the 2016/2017 season.