Ko: I have been too reliant on parents

Following the split with coach David Leadbetter, Lydia Ko revealed that she needs to start making her own decisions.

The former world number one parted ways with Leadbetter after three years. Leadbetter came out afterwards and revealed that Ko's parents played a role in the split. 

This prompted questions about how the 19-year-old's parents still hold sway over the two-time major winner.

"I think I have, yes, sometimes been too reliant on my parents because I am so used to being with them," Ko told lpga.com before saying she made the final decision. 

"But I think I need to learn more about taking ownership and making my own decisions.

"Of course I discussed my decision with my parents. They gave their opinions, too. But at the end of the day I made the final decision to change. My parents are a big part of my golfing career and I know I wouldn't be here without them."