KJUS golf apparel shaking up the market

A collection of golf clothing inspired by an Olympic ski champion is having a profound effect on how golfers play the game.

The strap line for KJUS is: “Tailored for golfers. Inspired by performance.”

The company’s first collection was launched in 2000 by Lasse Kjus and Didi Serena, the former an Olympic ski champion from Norway, the latter an entrepreneur from Switzerland.

Whilst playing golf the two were discussing the principles of professional golf apparel – freedom of movement and comfort – and lamenting that the market was lacking innovations which skiwear that had already developed with those same ideals in mind.

They made it their mission to fill this gap.

In a short space of time their functional garments have shaken up the market, setting new standards of performance along the way.

KJUS crafts not only the most technologically advanced skiwear on the market, but also intelligent golf garments and premium collections for active people on the move.

Golf365 tried a KJUS to test their claims. Read below for our thoughts.

KJUS – they say:

“Imagine there is no limitation to your game. Imagine nothing can stop you. Imagine there is the perfect golf clothing for any weather. Our game-changing golf collection is made to be your advantage in any condition.

“At KJUS, craftsmanship is our hallmark, we develop fabrics, cuts and technologies that maximize your freedom of movement and that support and enhance your golf game whatever your needs.

“Whether that is sheltering you from wind or rain, cooling you down when the temperature ramps up or protecting you from the sun.

“With KJUS golf wear, the detrimental effect of weather on your game is an excuse of the past.

“Our focus it to create golf clothing that works for you – instead of against you, that maximizes your performance – not limits it. Clothing that ultimately gets out of the way of your game.

“KJUS stands for sportswear made of innovative, high-performance material with a distinctive, clean design. Our award-winning collections Ski, Golf and Lifestyle are developed by passionate sports experts and tested by professional athletes. The products are designed to enable sportspeople to focus on the experience.”

KJUS – we say:

We’re often told that quality and high performance “is all about the detail” and it’s a thought that strikes soon after getting hold of the new KJUS Soren polo shirt.

First thought: in the bad old days golfers never wore sun cream, nowadays? This shirt itself has UV 50+ protection.

Second thought: the feel – this instinctively feels like a shirt that will be cool in the warm weather and the English summer has so far been the perfect test for that.

Guess what? The shirt has not only become the golf go-to shirt, but my go-to shirt as frequently as I can get it through the wash cycle.

On the golf course itself the design is as good as the bold words: the panelling ensures that there is freedom of movement. This is especially obvious below the shoulder – no sense of a sleeve becoming tight on the backswing.

The material also stretches, but not in any sense that leads to it losing shape, it simply very easily reacts to what you’re doing.

KJUS trousers feature anti-slide pockets, which stop scorecards falling out. It’s another detail and on the shirt the same technology stops buttons popping from their holes.

A top quality shirt that’s been tested by midsummer and passed like a dream.