Keith Mitchell’s caddie steals the show after Honda Classic win

Honda Classic champion Keith Mitchell’s profile certainly rose after his performance this weekend, but his caddie Pete Persolja is threatening to steal some of the limelight.

With Mitchell getting plenty of TV coverage during Sunday’s final round, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that his caddie bore more than a passing resemblance to Adam Sandler’s caddie in the much-loved sports comedy Happy Gilmore.

And that wasn’t the only comparison going around:

It didn’t take fans long to discover Persolja’s Twitter account, and it turns out he actually is quite a character.

His Twitter bio reads, “Caddy version of Bear Grylls. Organic everything. Bought my car/house for $100. I only shower under waterfalls.”

Many of Persolja’s tweets are also a laugh riot.

But while some were having a giggle at Persolja’s expense, it’s safe to say he had the last laugh.

Here’s hoping Pete continues to bring the laughs.