Jon Rahm admits that PGA Tour uncertainty played a role in reported £450million LIV Golf move

Jon Rahm

Jon Rahm is still going to be the subject of much discussion in the weeks and months to come after he signed with LIV Golf in a deal purported to be worth as much as £450million.

Rahm admitted that he found the PGA Tour’s dealing with the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund were a distraction from his golf.

He concedes to knowing little about the potential deal between the seemingly warring bodies.

“I can’t speak on what I don’t know. I wish I knew more about where the framework stands,” Rahm told Fox News.

“I’ve kept myself absent from all that to be able to play the best golf I can play. I found it to be a little distracting at times so I haven’t really focused on it. There’s been some leaps and some growth toward the game of golf getting together and I sure hope in the future we can make decisions that make golf better.

“That’s my position – play golf to the best of my abilities and leave the game in a better position than when I started playing golf. I always mention it in Spain, what Seve did to grow the game there, hopefully I can do half as much as what he did and that’s a success.”

The immediate fallout of this decision has seen Rory McIlroy call for Ryder Cup eligibility rules to be changed to ensure that Rahm can be involved in Europe’s title defence at Bethpage Black in 2025.

“As someone that plays on the PGA Tour, it is disappointing. As someone who has played on three Ryder Cup teams with Jon…Jon is going to be in Bethpage in 2025,” McIlroy said.

“So because of this decision the European Tour are going to have to rewrite the rules for Ryder Cup eligibility, absolutely, there is no question about that. I certainly want Jon Rahm on the next Ryder Cup team.”

In addressing his decision to sign with LIV, Rahm also took time to thank Patrick Cantlay, Tigers Woods and McIlroy for advocating for the players as the sands of the sport shift.

“The names that come to mind are Patrick Cantlay, Rory (McIlroy) and Tiger Woods,” Rahm said.

“They’ve spent a lot of time in meetings and phone calls learning about what the future of the game may look like, and I want to say thank you.

“I truly hope their resolve is what they want. This wasn’t anything personal with them, it was the choice for me and my family and the better of our future.

“I hope all the friends that I made still stay my friends, because I’m certainly not going to change, and who I am doesn’t really change.”