Good guy McIlroy still giving generously

By his incredibly high standards, Rory McIlroy has not had the best year on the golf course, but that has not detracted from his charitable side.

In fact, the Irish Times reported this week that the four-time major winner donated no less $1,142,906 in 2016 alone.

This has lead to his company, the Rory Foundation, dispensing nearly $1,500,000 to various charities in Britain and Ireland.

Children is the focus of the foundation and McIlroy had some heavy words at a charity event in August, where he met Mary, a 14-year-old cancer survivor.

“I’ve spent a lot of time with kids in similar positions and I always learn the values of perseverance, believing, fighting, staying positive,” said the Northern Irishman at the time.

“It’s inspiring to see someone come through a battle like that and be as successful as she has been since, it’s incredible. Even for someone like me, who’s been able to be successful with what I’ve done, to see someone come through a battle like that, it’s 100 times harder than anything I’ve had to experience in my life.”

If we could all take a leaf out of McIlroy’s book, the world would be well on it’s way to becoming a better place.

Keep at it Rory!