Golfers play a round in front of erupting Kilauea volcano

Now we’ve seen it all. Kilauea volcano has been wreaking havoc on the Big Island of Hawaii, but for some it only provides a backdrop to a leisurely round of golf.

Getty Images’ Mario Tama captured some stunning images of a group of guys enjoying a day out on the course while an active volcano spews lava, smoke and ash in the background.

Two thousand people were evacuated from their homes since Kilauea began to erupt on May 3, but it seems these fellows were far enough away from the action to have it provide an exciting backdrop to the clearly more serious business of getting a round of golf in.

As USA Today reports, the eruption has not been quite as serious as some feared, and scientists say the ash poses no significant health risk:

Authorities say the ash is powdered rock and poses no significant health threat as of 1 p.m. local time. Poisonous gases that do pose a threat are also being blown away from the island’s biggest city, Hilo. The eruption began early Tuesday morning and continued through the day.

There you go. Apparently the only danger these brave souls are facing is an errant drive or a duffed chip.