Golf world pays tribute to Jarrod Lyle

Golfers from around the world have paid tribute to Australian golfer Jarrod Lyle, who died on Wednesday aged 36 following a long battle with cancer.

Lyle beat the disease in both 1998 and 2012, but it returned for a third time last year.

Last week his family announced that he had ceased treatment for leukaemia and would begin palliative care at home.

He died in the company of family and friends in Victoria, Golf Australia said in a statement.

Lyle won twice on the Nationwide Tour in 2008 and reached a highest ranking of 142. His last tournament was in 2017.

His wife, Briony, said in a statement that: “It breaks my heart to tell everyone that Jarrod is no longer with us.”

“He asked that I provide a simple message: ‘Thanks for your support, it meant the world. My time was short, but if I’ve helped people think and act on behalf of those families who suffer through cancer, hopefully it wasn’t wasted.'”

Lyle leaves behind his wife and daughters Lusi, six, and Jemma, two.

Figures from around the golf world were quick to pay tribute.