Golf Rules to Know While playing Golf Tournament

There is a huge difference between a leisurely round of golf and a tournament play as it is stark and in times it feels like it may be totally different game. If it is the first time that you are entering in an event, from as comfortable as championship to U.S. opens qualifying, you definitely have to be well versed in golf’s legislation. There are lots of golf’s rules that you need to know before starting any game. Here we are presenting top 5 golf rules that you definitely need to know while playing any golf tournament:

  1. Count your clubs: It is the common fact that no one ever has more than 14 sticks in the bag, right? But it is not the right way. Avoid the two stroke penalty by double checking your bag before teeing-off.
  2. Giving advice: Now, while playing casually with your friend in weekend, you may ask your friend what type of iron they just hit or while on the green, pointing to a spot and say that you are thinking that “this is the line”. But this behavior is standard in normal round but deemed illegal for any competitive play tournament. Only in a team match, you and your partner can discuss the strategy, no one else.
  3. Improve your position by moving growing things: Your golf ball may come under a tree and it appears you have a shot. But there may be some problem you are facing that a pesky limb is interfering with your backswing. Do not need to worry; you can just break that branch off. You need to keep this thing in mind that you cannot able to improve the position or lie of your ball. This can include bending or moving anything growing or fixed the realm of your envisioned swing.
  4. Know about the difference between water and lateral hazards: A water hazard is mainly noticeable in yellow, lateral in red. If you are not play from the hazard unless you have a clear shot, we will suggest you not to play as you may face one-shot penalty.

For a water hazard, a golf player may have 3 options:

  • Prefer to go to the designated drop area (not all hazards have this)
  • Try to play your next shot by dropping a ball nearest to the point where you played your last stroke. You can re-tee if it was your first stroke.
  • Need to identify first that where your golf ball last crossed the water hazard, then drop as far back as you wish to from that spot and the pin.

But a Lateral Hazard is slightly different than Water hazard. Such as with yellow stakes, you have to notice where the ball crossed the hazard. You are given a two clubs length area to drop. You can even go on the other side of the hazard – assuming no closer to the hole and drop there as well.

  1. Rake in bunker: This is another area which causes confusion, but if your ball comes to rest against a rake, you are then allowed to move the tool, as it can be defined as “movable obstruction”.

There are so many other top rules to play golf game or any other games whether it is online like online lottery, play casino online or any other offline game like cricket, football, tennis etc., the main thing is that before going to play any game, first you should know about the strict rules and regulations and then follow it accordingly to win the game and get success in it.