Forest Pines Golf Course manages to stay open during bitter UK winter conditions

Forest Pines

Amidst the recent spell of challenging UK weather conditions, Forest Pines Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort has emerged as a beacon of resilience and exceptional management in the golfing community.

Thanks to an unwavering commitment to excellence and an innovative approach to course maintenance, the 27-hole golf course has remained open, allowing golfers to enjoy their favourite sport without interruption.

Nestled into 190 acres of Lincolnshire woodland, the sprawling family hotel near Scunthorpe is a hive of activity but a great place to relax with its championship course a great attraction.

Exceptional Course Management during Adverse Weather

In recent weeks, the region has experienced severe weather conditions, including heavy rainfall that has led to widespread flooding. However, Forest Pines has successfully managed these challenges, demonstrating an exceptional capability in handling adverse weather.

The course has not only remained open but has also maintained its pristine condition, much to the delight of members and visitors.

Greenkeeping Efforts: The Backbone of Resilience

The cornerstone of the success during these trying times has been the dedicated greenkeeping team.

Tireless efforts and expertise have been instrumental in managing the flooding and maintaining the excellent condition of the fairways and greens. Utilising state-of-the-art drainage systems and innovative turf management techniques, the team has ensured that the course remains playable and enjoyable, even in the most challenging conditions.

A Testament to Commitment to Excellence

This achievement is a testament to a commitment in providing an unparalleled golfing experience, regardless of external challenges. With a belief of going above and beyond to ensure that members and guests at Forest Pines Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort pursue their passion for golf without any hindrances.

The fairways are waiting

The QHotels Collection has invited golfers to experience the resilience and beauty of Forest Pines for themselves. Despite the inclement weather, the 27-hole championship fairways and greens are ready and waiting.

About Forest Pines and QHotels Collection

Forest Pines Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort is a premier golf course within the QHotels Collection, renowned for its exceptional golfing facilities and commitment to guest satisfaction. Nestled in a picturesque setting, the course offers a unique golfing experience, combining challenging play with breathtaking natural beauty.