Five Common Myths about Golf Busted

Golf is quite an underrated sport, so it isn’t a surprise that people have many misconceptions about this game. The sport is popular in a few countries across the world where it deems enough media attention.

The U.S has the maximum number of golf courses globally, accounting for over 45% of the world’s total.

With the subdued nature behind the game, there are several myths in the folds that needed a fact check. If you want to test your luck on a betting site, you need to have your facts straight.

Here, we will bust some of the most common myths about this sport that many people have a misconception about.

1. Golf is Expensive

If there’s one myth that people have about golf is this one. Golf is a rich people’s sport, which is what everyone thinks. And, while there is an initial cost involved in this sport for buying the equipment, the sport in itself is not that expensive.

You can en-roll in the popular group sessions, which are not just fun but relatively inexpensive as well. 

2. Golf is Not a Sport

Another common myth people have about golf is the fact that it’s not a sport. Just because it doesn’t involve running around and sweating doesn’t mean it’s not a sport. Like every other sport, even this holds professional tournaments and championships year-round.

Golfing is not just about getting the golf ball into an assigned hole on the ground. It involves a lot of practice and even more techniques and skills.

3. Golf Takes a Lot of Time to Master

Not just golf, every sport is tough to master. The golfers you see on television are indeed excellent, but that doesn’t mean that every golfer you see on the course is good. Some experienced golfers are trained for years, but there are novice golfers too.

Thinking that you can’t go out on the course until you are good is a myth. People aren’t born professionals but get better with days, especially with more practice.

4. Golf is Easy

Contradicting the previous myth is this one. Several people think that playing golf is as easy as hitting the balls into a hole in the ground. The main reason behind this myth is the laidback nature of the game. Just because the players aren’t running around after hitting a ball doesn’t mean that the sport is easy.

Getting the hit right is challenging and takes real techniques to score. 

5. Golf is for the Old People

Another common myth people have about golf is assuming it’s only for older adults. You will be surprised to know that most golf players are actually younger and not that old. The golfers who play the game professionally consists majorly of younger people.

The people who play golf for leisure tend to comprise older people in their plaid shirts and khaki pants.


These are some of the most common myths that people have surrounding golf. We hope this article was an eye-opener to some of the common misconceptions around this sport. Golf is an evolving sport, and more people have misconstrued the facts about the game. So, we had to set them straight once and for all.