Day: I need to start taking my own advice

As the Open Championship looms, former World No 1 Jason Day admits he is not currently experiencing the best of form.

It has been a disappointing season by Day's standards, with way too many missed cuts for the Australian's liking. It's a far cry from the kind of dominant displays he was regularly producing not too long ago.

And Day didn't mince his words when asked what the problems with his game were.

"My iron shots aren't as close, and I'm not holing as many putts. So it's a perfect formula for not having a good year," he said bluntly.

Day has been trying to work on certain areas of his game, but admits he sometimes has trouble listening to his own advice.

"I've just got to keep working at it. The hardest thing is being able to take your own advice sometimes. It's so easy to give advice out. And unfortunately it's very, very difficult to take your own advice sometimes.

"And my advice is to be as patient as possible and just keep ticking the boxes, and hopefully the work and the workload pays off in the long run.

"In today's world in sports in general it's very easy to kind of shoot yourself in the foot a little bit, whereas you want things to happen really quickly. It's kind of like the flavour of the week – whoever wins that week, everyone wants to talk about, but you go to the tournament next week and no one wants to talk about who won last week."

Day has also been struggling with slow play issues, but insists he is not concerned about being put on the clock at Birkdale.

"I've been put on the clock already this year, so it doesn't really worry me too much," Day said. "I guess I've got to try -once again, you've got to respect the other players, as well, out there.

"Last year I was put on the clock once, and I think this year maybe once or twice. The only reason why I think a lot of people think I'm slow is that when I was playing well, I was in a lot of groups on Sundays, in the last few groups and usually everyone takes their time on the last few groups on Sunday."

Day added: "But I still definitely will take my time. I need to make sure that I'm hitting the correct shots. I think at the end of my career no one is going to go, he was a great golfer, but he was slow.

"To be honest, I don't really care what people say. I need to do what I need to do to win a golf tournament. And within reason of respecting other players and the Rules of Golf."