Coltart on DeChambeau: ‘It’s good to watch, but we need to do something about it’

Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau and Tony Finau have displayed their phenomenal driving power on social media, but Andrew Coltart has some real concerns over the direction the game is going.

Responding to a clip of DeChambeau unleashing a series of powerful drives in front of a golf simulator, which you can watch below, Sky Sports’ Coltart quipped: “That’s taken a lot out of me, that has. It’s incredible, absolutely throwing himself at it.

“I’m slightly bothered by how his body is going to react after two to three years of doing that, but at the minute he’s accurate and hitting it miles.”

Coltart was then shown a clip of Finau on the course sending a swing soaring with a ball speed of a whopping 206 mph and carrying it 383 yards.

“Yeah, DeChambeau I think has been clocked at 203. I think 226 is the fastest ball speed that’s ever been recorded by some of the long driving champs,” he said. “383 yards used to be a drive and an eight iron. It’s ridiculous.

“I’m not surprised with Finau. He’s a long hitter with a three-quarter backswing. All he had to do was get it to the top, so he’s managed to figure that out – a little bit slower than a lot of other people would have, but he’s got there.”

Coltart reckons what the likes of DeChambeau and Finau are doing on the course at the moment is going to have a massive effect on the golf world and feels an intervention of some kind may be needed.

“We were talking about the golf ball and technology before DeChambeau managed to figure this out. The distance is ridiculous, it’s almost criminal,” he said.

“And it’s not so much how far he hits it. When you highlight the fact that his average approach into the par 4s the other week was 107 yards, he might as well just go out with six clubs.

“Is that what we’re getting to with golf? Really? Are we getting to the point where you don’t need a three iron, four iron, five iron, six iron? What’s going on?

“We don’t have the land, we don’t have the space, we don’t have the time to build bigger golf courses.

“It’s good to watch, but we need to do something about it.”