Clubs to Lease is easy profit option for golf facilities

Clubs to Hire, Europe’s market-leading golf club rental agency, has made life a whole lot easier for travelling golfers in the last eight years – and now it’s expanding its model to provide a similar service for the golf industry.

The new Clubs to Lease programme recruited its first customer in March when Alicante Golf signed up to lease six sets of new TaylorMade M4 clubs at a monthly set fee. And, in keeping with the contract, once the year is up, Clubs to Lease takes the clubs back and supplies more new product in their stead.

The move to help the golf industry, as well as the consumer, was a natural progression, according to Clubs to Hire co-founder, Tony Judge.

He explained: “It’s just tweaking the service we already provide. Most of the top resorts across Europe have exclusive deals with the likes of TaylorMade and Callaway, but that privilege is not extended to the majority of clubs who, previously, will have had to fork out considerable budget in order to provide good quality rental options for their visitors.

“Leasing from us make sense because, at around €55 per set per month, the golf club only have to rent them out once or twice and they’ve already made their money back, effectively increasing their profitability in one fell swoop. Golfers are delighted because they have brand new top-of-the-range clubs – and the accounts department are pleased too, because they make money and have no depreciation to worry about.”

With lease costs on TaylorMade and Callaway product from as little as €55 per month, it makes sound economic business sense for venues to lease knowing they will have new clubs every 12 months, while not having to pay the normal purchase price for a set of top-of-the-range clubs.

Judge added: “I spoke with a lot of people at last year’s IGTM and they were really excited by the concept – and Alicante Golf was very quick to sign up once we’d formalised the process. We’re already in discussion with several other potential clients across Europe and are really buoyed by the potential of the business.”

Clubs to Lease is a sister company to Clubs to Hire, which handles more than 300,000 annual visits to its website and more than 80,000 bookings for rental clubs at 26 locations worldwide, including popular golfing regions in the USA, Thailand, Australia, South Africa and five countries across the Mediterranean, offering the latest clubs on the market – for men and women, left- or right-handed – from just €35 per week, a potential saving of up to €85, with none of the hassle.

 Golf facilities or club professionals interested in learning more about Clubs to Lease, should contact company founder Tony Judge on 00353 1 8333 323, email