Your Christmas TV Golf Fest

The live golf program for 2017 might be done and dusted, but for keen spectators of the sport, there is some great coverage to be enjoyed over the Christmas holiday by tuning your TV in Sky Sports Golf.

Sky Golf is screening a special review looking back over the year, showing some superb highlights from the last 12 months in both men’s and women’s golf. The two hour special is hosted by Paul McGinley, with Henni Goya and Sarah Stark.

Paul McGinley will also be presenting his own program which is based on the Ryder Cup. The show will delve into golfing history as well as looking at the game in its current state. The idea is that McGinley will take a look at the great players from the present and the past with a view to selecting players to make up what he considers to be his ultimate European Ryder team.

There will also be an excellent 30-minute documentary that looks back at Rory McIlroy’s first ten years in the game as a professional golfer. It is to be screened on the 25th of December – Christmas day itself. In addition, there will also be some other shows that will take a look back over the best in the Shot Centre and the prime cuts from the best of the Open Zone.

All of the shows are going to be available for download from Sky Sports on-demand as from Thursday, the 21st of December. Not only that, but there will also be a whole raft of video cuts and other features that you can watch via the Sky Sports Golf website.

Over the Christmas period, you will also be able to re-enjoy extended highlights from some of the largest and most prestigious golf tournaments that were played out in year 2017. These will include things like a look back at the Masters, won by Sergio Garcia, and Jordan Spieth winning the Open. Both repeats are full length for your complete enjoyment.

But in the famous words of a certain cartoon specialist, “That’s not all folks.” There will also be highlights from the golf archives showing the most recent Ryder Cup tournaments as well most recent Open Championships too.

Both shows are extended and will individually examine highlights of the PGA Tour, the Challenge Tour and campaigns covering the Champions Tour.

What this all amounts to is that over the Festive season you will be able to watch some great TV golf fests. Perhaps it might go some way to appeasing the anger of many golf fans who stormed social media to vent their frustration of the fact that during the recent BBC Sports Personality of the Year show, the BBC only managed to screen a mere 45 seconds of the beloved game.

To add insult to injury, Sergio Garcia, who ended years of heart-rending disappointment by taking the Masters crown last year, didn’t even get shortlisted. Instead, Roger Federer took the Overseas Sports Personality of the Year award for the fourth time. It most certainly wasn’t cricket!

Oh well; when the anger has dissipated at least golfing devotees can get a jolly good golf fix on TV over Christmas.