Bryson DeChambeau aims “screw you” rant at critics as row over play speeds continues

Bryson DeChambeau driving

Bryson DeChambeau has fired another shot in golf’s growing row over playing speeds, sending a clear message of “screw you” to his critics.

DeChambeau has been at the very centre of the storm, as him taking over two minutes to judge an 8-yard put at Northern Trust was widely circulated on social media.

Some of golf’s biggest names including Phil Mickelson and Luke Donald have got involved – often heatedly – in the conversation, although DeChambaeu has largely cut a more diplomatic figure. Until now, that is.

In a video posted on the Snapchat account of his friend Domiic Lobocki, DeChambaeu said: “Bryson here on Dom’s Snapchat.

“Ya’ll wanna say whatever you want, that’s ok. But you know what? I’m out here doing the right thing having a great time with the Pro-Am guys killing it, and honestly, we’re on these guys’ asses all the time.

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“Last week I played under (the) time par, this week I’ll do the same thing.

“Never on the clock last week, ya’ll can say whatever you want but we’re having a f****** awesome time.

“So screw all ya’ll haters, it’s no big deal. I still love you all even though you hate me.”