Best tips for betting on golf – top golf betting tournaments in 2023

Golf is a sport that many people enjoy playing, supported by an estimated worldwide fan base of 450 million. Through golf betting tips and great offers, golf betting has become a major online gambling option in the UK. In our review of best golf betting sites in the UK, punters can get top sportsbooks that cover the most popular golf events in the world.

Best golf tournaments to bet on

To get started with golf betting, you should go for popular events covered by the best golf betting sites. The most recommended golf competitions include the PGA Tour, the US Open, the Open Championship, and the Masters.

The Masters

This golf event is one of the four main competitions in professional golf. It is the first major and is usually held in April.

US Open

It is the second of the major right after The Masters tournament. It is a harder tournament where you’ll be needing all the golf betting tips possible and you can usually expect more action in it.

British Open

The British Open also known as the Open Championship is a very important golf tournament to watch out for at a golf betting site. It is like the other major golf tournaments, but the fact that it is held in the UK. This makes it a special event, and it is usually an exciting tournament in the European sports calendar of the year.

US PGA Championship

This tournament is nothing like the other golf betting events. It is dedicated to professional golfers who meet up to certain high-level criteria. One of the best golf betting tips you could get for this championship is to consider golfers who have proven to have sophisticated techniques and extremely good game levels.

PGA Tour

The PGA Tour is a smaller tournament, but it’s still a big event for golf betting fans. People often refer to the PGA Tour as the fifth Major. It is prestigious and has a lot of prize money, which is one of the reasons why you might want to bet on it. If you’re familiar with how to bet on golf games, it would be easy for you to make the most of the PGA Tournament.

How to bet on golf

Golf betting has its distinct markets like every other sports discipline. Bets can be placed on players, teams, and even unpredictable events that may occur during games. Irrespective of the betting tips you’ve got, and the specific golf betting site chosen, the markets below are often the most common.

Outright winner

This is undoubtedly the most common bet to place in golf. It requires very little or no golf betting tips as the winner is often a golfer who has proven superiority severally. However, unlike team sports, you will be confronted with picking just one player from hundreds of participants per competition.


This golf bet is one where you make a hypothetical head-to-head between two golfers participating in the same golf event. For your bet to go through successfully, both golfers must tee off and the winner is the player who ends higher up on the leaderboard.

Round leaders

Golf betting on the player who will win each round of a tournament falls right here. Betting on a round winner is often unpredictable, but if you know a player usually does well in the first round of a tournament, it might be a good bet.


With this type of golf bet, you are placing a double wager on both the player’s success in the tournament and whether the player will finish in a particular position. If the player ends the competition within the listed ranks, you will get paid for the listed fraction of the odds but if the player wins the tournament, both bets will be successful.

Prop bets

Prop bets are a way to gamble on golf events that do not have a clear outcome. Some common bets include betting on who will make the cut or who will win a hole-in-one. These bets are less about predicting based on player skills, and more about testing your instincts on the probability of occurrence of certain things.

Whichever market you go for, it may be important to know a few things about the specific golf competition before making a move.

Golf betting key facts

The chances are slim for you to make the best of golf betting tips without some basic knowledge about each golf event. Essentially, you should know about:

Course history

it is a factor that very much affects how well a golfer can perform during an event. The U.S open for example is known to be a competition where golfers are expected to tee with accuracy which makes scoring difficult. Knowing which golfers are highly technical can be very useful for betting on this tournament.

Player form

it is what tells you ahead of time if a golfer even stands a chance of participating in a golf event or not. Once the list of participants is confirmed, you may want to check how well the golfer has been doing over recent games to know if they’re worth betting on.

As soon as you’re certain of which golfers are favorites in a specific event, you may proceed to one of our recommended best golf betting sites to get going.