Best Golf Equipment & Accessories 2020

Every golfer needs the right kit to either improve their game or just make their time on the course that much easier.

The golf equipment and accessory market is always evolving, so here is a look at some of the hottest products to pick up in 2020 if you are itching to splash a little cash.

Bushnell Pro XE

There are a lot of range-finding products designed for golfing, but the latest and greatest gadget from Bushnell is arguably the best you can buy today.

It offers a combination of excellent accuracy, durable design features and overall excellent quality of finish to help it stand head and shoulders above the competition.

It can track everything from the distance and the temperature to the barometric pressure and even the angle of any incline you point it at. It can even automatically lock onto distant flags and alert you to them using its sight.

All of this is pulled together with the Bushnell golfing app, which delivers even more course info while you are on the move with your smartphone. Since you will likely have your handset with you anyway, whether to engage with your other gadgets or to entertain yourself on sites like Casumo when back at the clubhouse, being able to use an official app with an accessory like this is a selling point. So long as you can stomach the steep price tag, the Pro XE is an unbeatable laser rangefinder.

Garmin Approach S60

Another super-stylish golfing gadget, the Approach S60 from leading GPS device brand Garmin packs a whole lot into a small, compact shell.

It is easy to use its touchscreen interface to navigate beautiful full-colour maps of tens of thousands of different courses. The display is highly legible, even in bright conditions, and it can help you improve your swing thanks to the built-in accelerometers and intuitive software.

Whether you are keeping tabs on your own game over time, or comparing your performance against others, it gives you lots of ways to monitor and measure your performance.

TaylorMade SIM Max Driver

This critically acclaimed driver is incredibly high tech, boasting a precisely engineered layout which helps to deliver increased swing speed where it matters most.

The team at TaylorMade went to great lengths to ensure that this driver offers exceptional aerodynamics, allowing it to cut through the air and accelerate smoothly to maximise the potential of each swing you take.

All of this of course means that the aesthetics are a little further towards the overtly garish end of the spectrum than some golfers might prefer. Even so, it remains a compelling choice for anyone who is in the market for a new driver for 2020.

FootJoy RainGrip

While the equipment and accessories mentioned so far have been at the upper end of the scale in terms of price, there are still effective options that are also affordable. This perfectly describes the popular RainGrip range of gloves from FootJoy.

Available in a number of unfussy designs, these golfing gloves are specifically intended for use when the weather takes a turn for the worse. They not only allow you to grip your clubs securely if there is more than a little moisture in the air, but also offer improved comfort and usability thanks to the fact that the material they are made from dries very quickly.

There are of course a lot of flashier, fancier golf gloves out there, it is unlikely you would want to ruin a pair of real leather products when dark clouds appear overhead. Having the FootJoy RainGrip gloves in your back pocket for just such an eventuality is sensible.