Beef excited by Indian adventure

Andrew “Beef” Johnston is not complaining about having to travel to India to compete in the next leg of the European Tour – on the contrary, the Englishman is relishing the opportunity to see another part of the world and is determined to win in New Delhi.

Johnston will make his debut at the Hero Indian Open this week in the City of Rallies and he is embracing the global nature of the European Tour rather than begrudging it.

In the modern era of professional sport, there seems to have emerged a trend where athletes resent having to travel to compete. It’s refreshing to hear Johnston’s take on the matter.

"Playing in Europe, well, you’re actually playing worldwide," said Johnston after landing in India.

"You’ll go to the PGA Tour and they’ll have the LA swing, the Florida swing and the travel is so easy but, every week is going to be pretty much the same. Whereas in Europe, you’re going to different places and seeing more of the world.

"To come over to India, it’s something amazing. You get to play a different golf course with a totally different aspect of play.

"It’s not like going from Texas to South Carolina. You’re going from Australia, to India, to Oman, to Malaysia. So to see different parts of the world is absolutely amazing and we’re lucky that we get to travel and see so much.

"Everyone has been really helpful [in India]. When we got out, the airport transfer was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. We had a real good chat on the way from the airport to the hotel.

"I went straight in and ordered the vegetable biryani for breakfast or lunch, I’m not sure which. We’ll call it brunch. I loved it."

Taking in 30 countries across four continents, success in the Race to Dubai surely requires that kind of attitude.

However, while Johnston is nonplussed about waking up in a different country every other week, he still wants to win when he gets on the course.

Despite being a hugely popular figure throughout the world, he only has one European Tour victory to his name and the cult hero would love to change that this week.

"I want to try to win again," he said. "I want to be in the top 60 to play in the final Race to Dubai tournaments.

"I played well at the start of the year so I’ve just got to keep that going and keep working hard because I’ve played really well the first couple of months."