Become the golfer you have always wanted to be

If we look at golf in the words of Arnold Palmer we will come to know that the sport is “deceptively simple and endlessly complicated”.

Anyone who has tried to have a go at it would agree. It does seem a simple little thing – how hard could it be to hit a stationary ball and make it go where you want after all? Turns out, very difficult indeed.  But there are ways for you to up your game.

Golf is a sport that is played the world over and many are the tours that professionals embark on to stake their claims on the winnings and the fame that comes along with it. Meticulous and enthusiastic coverage of the sport ensures that the world is made aware of every little news there is to be had. It’s one of the reasons that the popularity of the game seems to be rising among the general population.

Before we get to that, we should also touch up on the people who are into the game but don’t necessarily play it. These are the people who like to bet on the game. Not just golf, sports betting is a big phenomenon the world over and countless individuals indulge in it on a regular basis. You can easily claim free bets here and make the most of your punts if you take a fancy to the activity.

So how does one improve their game? Read on to find out.

Improving the Drive

When it comes to tee shots, your posture makes a huge difference. Keeping your feet a little wider so that it matches your shoulder length is the key factor here. Most people aim and try to get a straight line down the fairway but that is not always the best option. Professionals try to curve their shots and adjust their stance and shots accordingly. This is something you will see with most PGA tour winners. It’s something you too can bring into your game to ensure a better result.

Perfect the chip shot

The goal of a good chip shot is to get the ball to drop on the green with a minimum of roll. It’s easier said than done though, and practice is the secret to success here. It involves a shorter movement, but the swing is quite similar to a drive. Using a bit more of the club than what you think you will need can help here.

Know the green

In golf the ball rolls. It is an obvious fact but one that must be kept in mind. To ensure that the roll is good you must know how the green is laid out. Read the way the grass grows, and you can determine which way the ball will break. There are a lot of rules and new ones are being added all the time but whatever the rule you need to play within, knowing the lay of the land will always help you perform better.

These are but three of the simplest things that anyone can master. There are more technical aspects of the game of course and there is a continuous learning curve you should be on. But these form a great starting point if you want to dazzle your mates on your next Sunday afternoon.