Basic Golf Attire for Beginners

Want to try golfing, but unsure what to wear? Our guide will help new golf players avoid the pitfalls we fell into when we first started teeing off on the green.

A Dress Code Steeped in Tradition

Golf has been around for decades. It is known as the “gentleman’s game”. Steeped in such rich history, it becomes pretty apparent then that golf has a specific dress code

Sure, some of the smaller and more relaxed clubs don’t mind if you go playing golf in your jeans and shirt, but the more prestigious and pedigree-rich clubs do require that their members adhere to their traditions. After all, nobody wants to bump into Ernie Els wearing flip-flops.

The Golfer’s Collared Shirt

The first part of any golfer’s outfit is the reliable polo shirt with a collar. Keep in mind the weather. If you are playing in warmer climates, it is best to use a short-sleeved shirt made from a material that can help keep you cool and dry.

However, if you are one of the braver golfers that don’t mind playing in a bit of foul weather, be smart and take a waterproof golf jacket made for golfers like you in mind. 

Always tuck in your golf shirt to complete the professional look.

The Golfer’s Slacks or Shorts

Never play golf in football shorts or any drawstring pants. Also, avoid going in cargo pants. They may have been in style years ago, but you should not wear them on the golf course.

Your best options are to go with golf trousers or slacks. Also, try to stay away from white pants. Your safest color options would be neutral colors, such as khaki, gray, tan, and beige. 

The Golfer’s Shoes

Remember those old metal-spike shoes your dad used to wear to the golf course? They are no longer allowed on most courses. The metal spikes only ended up damaging the greens. 

That is why we recommend you instead get a pair of golf shoes with soft spikes or spikeless shoes altogether. Spikeless shoes are great for the golf course as they have unique rubber studs to help give a firm grip when playing without harming the green.

The Golfer’s Belt and Socks

Since you are wearing trousers or slacks with belt loops, it is best to wear a belt. Standard, white ankle socks complete this part of the outfit.

Your Golf Attire Is Complete

The above items should be everything that a new golfer will need to wear when playing golf for the first time. Hats and gloves are entirely optional and often depend on the weather as well. Golfing is a fun and relaxing experience, but all golfers must follow certain etiquette and dress codes on the course.