A TALON will make Father’s Day

When it comes to Father's Day gifts, Ojee Golf's flagship product comes highly recommended by both parents and offspring – for the TALON is a big part of the lives of two father-and-son partnerships.

Created by Matt Hulbert and his father Paul, the innovative training aid has been endorsed by one of the UK's top golf coaches, Kevin Craggs, and is used regularly by his son, Ben, who plays on the PGA EuroPro Tour.

Ojee Golf chief executive and TALON creator Matt Hulbert added: "We were sat down with Kevin recently when we realised the parental parallels between us. My father, Paul, was my partner in the design and concept of the TALON, while Kevin also works with his son, coaching him to become a future winner on the European Tour. It's two father-and-son partnerships with a desire for success."

Craggs senior, said: "I've said it before and I reiterate: whether you're a professional or amateur, practice without feedback is nothing more than exercise. The TALON training aid provides instant and accurate feedback on the set-up and is an affordable device for any golfer who possesses a genuine passion to improve."

Craggs incorporates the TALON training aid into his daily coaching sessions with both his amateur and professional clients. And, universally, those clients have reaped the benefits and accelerated in improvement from the invaluable feedback the TALON provides.

Craggs added: "It's easy to see why – and how – it makes a difference, as the TALON takes out all the guesswork, creating greater consistency in a player's set-up leading to better proficiency in strike and flight of a shot."

The innovative TALON training aid delivers real-time, visual feedback through a digital display unit that attaches to the top of any golf club. Together with a separate, wireless back unit, the TALON utilises patent-pending technology to remove guesswork by calculating and displaying clearly four critical angles of address: spine angle, club-shaft angle, club-shaft-to-spine angle, and rotation angle of the club-face.

The TALON retails at £225 and can be purchased through the Ojee Golf website – or ask your club pro.

For more information about Ojee Golf's TALON, call Matt Hulbert on 01642 714756 or 07739 836260, or email matt@ojeegolf.com.