A Beginner’s Guide to getting the best out of the latest odds on Golf

Thorbjorn Olesen driving

Unlike most other sports, golf is more of a laidback sport that requires a lot of tact and talent. Moreover, because of its individual nature, it is quite popular in the betting circuit. Since the focus is on single players, punters can analyse them better and thus make winning bets. That is not to say that the game is without its unique set of challenges.

When planning to bet on golf, the location and weather conditions are two important factors that can alter the final result. Just like in tennis, different golf players are more likely to win on various courses around the world. But more than just the external conditions, a punter needs to keep in mind a few more aspects of the game and sports betting in general to make that ultimate wager.

The Tournaments

Every sport has a few essential competitions that attract maximum fandom. In case of golf, the four major tournaments are The Masters, PGA Championship, US Open, and The Open Championship. These are undoubtedly significant money makers in the betting world. A classic example of scoring big was when Tiger Woods won the Masters in 2019, leading to quite a few bettors walking away happy to the bank. However, it is essential not to be intimidated by the size of these competitions. For a newcomer, it is okay to bet on one of many smaller competitions taking place throughout the year.

The Bookmakers

Selecting the correct bookmaker for yourself should be a high priority. It is a relationship that will go on for years and having the right online site helping you on the journey can be hugely beneficial. Besides going with an authorised website, you must make the most of their welcome bonuses to add more value to your bets. Moreover, you’ll find that most leading bookmakers have golf betting tips to guide you along the way. These tips help you understand the odds and also share predictions by golf pundits. Choosing a bookie that gives the complete package is worth the time you take in picking one up.

The Players

The good thing about golf, as discussed above, is that there are only a handful of players you need to analyse. Unlike football, where an entire team and their coach can make a difference, in golf, you can judge how a player will perform by viewing their recent performances. Moreover, there are a few top players in the world, like Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, and Dustin Johnson, who are always a safe and sound bet.

The Strategy

When starting to bet, you must have a strategy in place. Your aim should be to spread the wagers over different players across various competitions to increase your chances of winning. Moreover, divide the bets so that you pick some excellent odds early on in the tournament, and keep some for later when the winner is more apparent.

When starting to bet on sports, it’s perfectly fine to take your time. Don’t hurry into placing bets, and don’t just go with the flow. It might take some understanding, but a well-educated bet is worth a lot more than one made on a whim.