50 Of The Greatest Golfers In All Time 

Jason Day PGA Championship

Golf is celebrated for the 50th year within the regions of Australia. Newcastle, New South Wales have been featured within the 600th special issue of the Golf Digest, to celebrate the contributions made to the sport.

Within this issue, 50 players of the best calibre have been included and credited for their abilities and talent to the sport. This issue has installed a much larger and heated debate on if these rankings are correctly given; if some have been too harshly labelled or too generously anointed.

Other areas besides the Golf digest where fans can stay up to date with all the happenings and ongoing scores of the games, is Sportsbet. Here is the perfect place to place bets and make some winnings from showing your support for some of these top 50 golfers quoted, as some are very much still active and in business! 

Without creating too much of a division, we thought it was appropriate to quote the top 10 players within this issue, to see if fans do actually indeed stand with the measuring up of talent.

Top 10 players quoted:

1 – Greg Norman

2 – Karrie Webb

3 – Peter Thomson

4 – Kel Nagle

5 – Walter Travis

6 – Adam Scott

7 – David Graham

8 – Jan Stephenson

9 – Jim Ferrier

10 – Jason Day

This issue does not only quote players for their reigning position, it also provides readers archive access to previous key pieces within their features, about the different players in the business. In addition to memorable moments within previous golf games. Fans can also interact with this feature, with all the interactive games they have included (all about golf of course). We particularly liked the sniff and scratch patch, which smells of freshly mown grass; a key representation that the field is very much ready to go, for some serious golf game play!

For Golf Digest, this issue means more than just commemorating golf in all its finest moments, it celebrates the 600 issues that they have managed to stay active and very well integrated within the industry. It is also a special thank you to all the hard-core golf enthusiasts that have managed to follow them and stay updated with them thus so far. 50 years is a milestone as it is half a century, and for any publication, that definitely means business in their books. 

They also reminisce on how far they came to get to where they are now. The last-minute flights, the hotel rooms, hours and hours of match attendance for first hand match reviews. It is essentially the most dedication to the fans that any publication can give to people. The fans know that only the truly enthusiastic would ever commit to so much just for print, especially how everything nowadays is all digitally run. This publication runs perfectly in its natural and original form and some could say it competes with superiority to all other publications within the industry. Nevertheless, it is a testament to their perseverance and vision for the market.

During the time of the pandemic, many would suspect that all publications have suffered in some way or another. This is not the case for the Golf Digest. They have seen their online and physical print audience loyalty but double and triple for the past few months. Their web traffic has exceeded dramatically beyond normal numbers, meaning that even when all sporting events have abruptly ended, Golf digest has kept the momentum very much running for the fans. Many fans have been directing communication directly through their social media channels especially, so Golf Digest have been delivering that therapeutic sport source despite the current situation.

The sale of the special edition magazine is already live and accessible from all Australian supermarkets and newsagents, to purchase for yourself. As ever, you can keep updated with world golf news via prestigious platforms like ourselves, BBC and Sky Sports.