21 incredible golf trick shots from the course, range, backyard and even inside a house

Golf tricks and skills

What good is it developing your skills if you can’t flex on everyone in the most audacious ways possible?

Before the advent of social media, trick shots were largely confined to the occasional moment here or there.

These days, players will take almost any opportunity to break out their silkiest or most outrageous skills.

What makes these that much more impressive is just how young these tricksters are.

Check out these trick shots pulled from social media and pick your jaw up off the floor.

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Trick shot exponents have now been able to turn their skills into a career and some of them have even been able to give back to the sport in a meaningful way.

The men behind the Bryan Bros Golf YouTube channel recently acquired the Indian River Golf Club in South Congaree in their native South Carolina with the hope of giving it some TLC to bring it back to its former glory.

The Brothers, George and Wesley, hope to explore their passion for instruction, which has been sparked by engaging with their followers, and plan to open their own golf academy on the formerly public course.

George had encouraged their followers to send in swing videos for him to analyze and evaluate, as he wanted to really sink his teeth into helping out players.

“I thought it would just be five or ten people but hundreds sent in their swings. I thought it was cool and it stirred me to enter the instructional world. It was a fun way to engage with people who watch the videos but also help them try to get better,” George told Forbes Magazine.

The Bryan brothers, the sons of former PGA Tour professional George III, want to bring practical instruction to their prospective charges and have a clear vision for their future.

George added: “We both want to use the knowledge our father has given us to help people get better at golf. Especially with our brand online, we have a platform, and we might as well use it to do something fun in South Carolina where we learned golf and were given a lot from dad and the Junior Golf Association. This is a way to give back and it’s something cool to do with family.”

The brothers hope to bring a PGA Tour event to their newly acquired venue at some point in the future.

“It was very fair before with a handful of easy holes but also some pretty tough ones. The goal moving forward is to host a tour event here, high-level junior golf tournaments and maybe even a Korn Ferry stop one day. You got to add distance and make it a little tougher to do that.”