2019 Woods relishes showcasing himself in different way

A resurgent Tiger Woods has a considerable amount to be excited about ahead of 2019 but his primary focus will centre around growing the game of golf.

Discovery’s GolfTV and Tiger Woods confirmed they had established a new long-term global content partnership in November 2018. Those plans will unfold, with greater clarity, at the start of 2019.

It is an exclusive deal with Woods and will run over several years. Many are fans of Woods and have been for years. However, not many can say they truly know and understand the man behind the golf club.

“It is exciting for all parties. Partnering up with a brand like this and doing things like this has never been done. To me, that was the intriguing part and the exciting thing is I get to showcase myself and the game of golf in a different way,” Woods told his fans via his twitter feed this month.

“Some of the components of the game that people aren’t going to quite hear. Me talking directly to them and the teaching component to it. I think it is just something that… the content going forward is something that they will like,” added Woods.

Among the aspects that are expected to feature in this new content plan are: Weekly practice and instructional videos to improve your game; Exclusive access into Tiger’s preparation routines; Behind-the-scenes access before and after PGA TOUR rounds; Unique and exclusive post-round commentary.