When Furyk had to bite his tongue

Ryder Cup star Jim Furyk has furiously rejected suggestions that defeat at The Ryder Cup didn’t matter to him.

Ryder Cup star Jim Furyk has spoken about how he bit his tongue rather than strangle an American sports writer who asked him on Sunday night if defeat to Europe really mattered to him.
The world number three was highly unimpressed by the line of questioning following the 18½ – 9½ defeat at the K Club near Dublin on Sunday night.
“When someone questions what is inside me or my team-mates that’s the offensive part,” said Furyk.
“That’s where I think guys get upset.
“Everyone who knows me inside knows how important the Ryder Cup is and how I believe that if you can’t get up for the Ryder Cup you don’t have a pulse.
“I had a very well-respected writer ask me point blank to my face whether in the whole big scheme of things whether it actually mattered to me.
“Now, without wanting to reach out and just strangle him or send a few F-bombs his way, I just bit my tongue, told him he offended me and walked away.
“There is not much else I can do. It’s an offensive question.
“It’s the premium event. I get more jacked up for that than I could imagine ever getting jacked up for an event individually, maybe to a fault at times.
“It’s exciting. You could not step on the first tee last week and listen to everybody pound their feet in the stands and listen to the place going nuts and singing and thinking ‘how cool is this?’.
“The fans last week were phenomenal. They were probably the best I’ve ever seen.”
Furyk, of course, played four times with Tiger Woods, winning twice and losing twice before being beaten by Paul Casey in the singles.
“You just got slapped in the face and it’s hard to come up with an answer right off the bat.
“I think it’ll be a good time for reflection. You can run with it probably a million different ways.
“We obviously got outplayed in all aspects and in the five Ryder Cups I’ve played, four of them we’ve done just an horrendous job on Friday and Saturday in team play.”
Furyk has moved onto The Grove near Watford for the American Express World Championship, but admits to being homesick.
“I’m tired and slightly miserable, to say the least. What I miss most is my kids.”