Walker a man of many talents

It turns out golf isn't the only thing PGA Championship winner Jimmy Walker is really good at.

The American just captured his maiden major title at Baltusrol, but also has considerable talent in another field – astrophotography.

"You can’t look at the night sky through a telescope and not start to wonder about our place in the universe," Walker told Golf Digest in a 2015 interview.

"The planet Earth amounts to a single atom within a single grain of sand amid all of the beaches on the globe. The vastness of it is something you cannot get your head around. Some of the things I photograph are millions of light-years away, which means we’re looking at something in the very distant past. We’re talking objects that are estimated to be 13 billion years old. 

"You gaze at these things and ponder them, and if you’re not in a good place mentally, it can be a disconcerting, sobering experience. You can start to feel very lonely, very fast. The origins of the universe are simply unknowable, and I say that with great respect for those with a spiritual bent."

While it amounts to little more than a hobby for the 37-year-old, Walker is really good at capturing images of space, and has even sold pictures to NASA.

Here are a few examples of his work, which you can view and purchase on his website.