Tiger Woods fan suing PGA Tour

A Tiger Woods ‘super fan’ is suing the PGA Tour, claiming he was thrown out of a tournament for wearing a Tiger suit.

A self-proclaimed Tiger Woods ‘super fan’ is suing the PGA Tour for $7150, claiming he was thrown out of a tournament because he was wearing a bright orange Tiger suit.

And this despite him having a valid ticket and having obtained prior permission to wear the suit, according to a report in TMZ Sports on Thursday

The fan, Jason Goodwin, hoped his suit would lift the sprits of the World No 1 and help him win the tournament.

Instead, Goodwin was thrown off the course and shown the gate by a security guard at the TPC Boston, allegedly because he was distracting and annoying Argentina’s Angel Cabrera, Tiger’s playing partner.

TMZ says that Cabrera found the suit “too bright and bothersome”.

Goodwin has now filed a small claims lawsuit against the PGA in Boston, insisting his civil rights were “infringed upon” and he is claiming the amount of $7150 to out things right.

Goodwin told TMZ he had set the amount at $7150 because it was the most he was allowed to sue for in a small claims court.

He added: “I want to make the point that you can’t tell people what to wear.”