Tiger will make it back – Couples

Fred Couples believes that 2011’s Tiger Woods will be a much better player than he has been this year.

Fred Couples, the US captain for next year’s President’s Cup, believes that 2011’s Tiger Woods will be a much better player than he has been this year and that his old magic will help revive the US PGA Tour.

The 1992 Masters Champion believes it is only a matter of time before the former long-time World No 1 perfects his new swing and regains the killer instinct that made him so formidable before the ill-fated, Thanksgiving Day crash that was to set off a chain of exposes about his adulterous secret life, shatter his marriage and dramatically curtail the golfing prowess that had made him a legend in his own lifetime.

After an initial five-month break which included a month’s treatment for sex addiction, Woods returned to golf with reasonable results, but for the first time, had to watch the a PGA Tour season come and go without a single victory along with whispers that his days as one of the Planets greatest golfers was over.

Couples, in Sydney to play in the Australian Open this week disagreed..

“Tiger is the same great golfer he has always been,” he reasoned. “He is just not playing as well for a whole lot of reasons.”

One reason. admits Couples, could be the fact that Woods has not yet fully come to terms with his latest swing change, but mostly Woods was struggling to find his old magic, Couples felt, because of the emotional problems he had had to live with in what must have been the hardest time of his life.

Couples said that Woods arrival on the PGA Tour 12 years ago had “blessed” the tour and brought into it a heightened, worldwide interest in professional golf and tournament prize money never before dreamed of

“When Tiger gets going again as I am convinced he will, our tour will get going at a better rate.”