Tiger takes battering in South Park

The South Park boys are playing a new video game involving a blonde handing out a beating with a golf club to you know who.

The boys of South Park played a new video game on Wednesday night that saw them madly thumbing remotes as an enraged blonde female handed out a beating with a golf club to you know who.

The caricature of what was clearly meant to be Tiger Woods was battered and bleeding even before he staggered out to his SUV and charged off down the driveway pursued by the club wielding, screaming blonde.

Eventually the SUV hits a water hydrant and then a tree, but the blonde is not finished. Egged on by Cartman’s wildly jabbing thumb working in ‘Pre-nup Power-up Option’ mode, the blonde hits the Tiger image again after he has fallen out of his wrecked vehicle.

These scenes from the much awaited 14th season premier entitled ‘Sexual Healing’ was only part of a huge lampoon by South Park’s controversial creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker in which all the recent celebrities involved in sex scandals, including David Letterman, Charlie Sheen, Bill Clinton, and David Duchovny, all take flak in one way or another.

Along with the celebrities, the special Tiger episode also lambasted the small but growing sex-addiction industry and satirised the self righteous section of the America media that Stone and Parker clearly believe make too much of a song and dance about ‘inappropriate behavior’.

There is also a scene where a white-coated scientist from the Centre for Disease Control conducts a test in which the boys of the South Park school are shown a picture of a naked woman.

Three, including Kyle and Butters, fail to note the handkerchief she is holding and for that they are declared sex addicts and ordered home pending treatment as they are considered too dangerous to be among the other children at the school.

Scientists decide there must be a fantastic explanation for ‘why rich, successful men are trying to have sex with lots of women?’

And one of the messages that comes out of all the shenanigans that take place is that while the American public don’t have to condone celebrity promiscuity, they shouldn’t force the unlucky celebs caught with their pants down to make these painful acts of having to say how sorry they are for being such bad boys, then having to go into rehab, and finally to come away clean and healthy, the later condition portrayed on Wednesday night by one of the cured saying with amazement: “Look, the sex addiction is leaving my body!”

All in all, it was cleverly topical, notably the Tiger Woods video game, but it was by no means a gut-busting laugh all the way through.

It could well leave a lot of people wondering if sex addiction isn’t being horribly overplayed, however.

It’s nothing new, after all, but it does give the scandal-sheets a never-ending source of ‘sensational’ news and the psychiatric practitioners a new way to make lots of lolly.

Too see excerpts from the show you should visit http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/267107